The horrors of winter storm 2021 on the heels of COVID-19

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Winter Storm 2021

Recently we have been hit with some extreme temperatures. Cold temps with combined wind chill factors of -3° F. It has been cooold in these parts.

Texas was ill-prepared.

The rolling blackouts left us dressed as if we lived on the North Pole. Three days and nights without electricity, internet, and the ability to stay warm.

I was bored stiff, but I digress in a wee bit of self-pity.

For some like myself, it was the intermittent electricity and heat. While many others had a total…

The last day of 2020 as we trudge on toward the mark…

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Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

Today is the final day of the year 2020. The year herald with such hope, joy, and promise.

Instead, we have ALL been challenged beyond what many of us thought we were capable of overcoming.

We have fought and continue to fight the good fight. We have won some and we have lost some. We are more resilient than we know and we continue to stand firm in the fight for our lives.

Those of us who trust God, continue to look to him as the author and…

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Photo by 小胖 车 on Unsplash

We lived in a patriarchal world! Women mostly belonged to men. That’s how it was. It was a different time and space.

A man got himself a wife and she became his property, he may not own her heart, but body and soul were all his to do with as he pleased.

As a girl I lived in a village in South America, my little corner of the world boasted what was referred to by the locals as “the two most ignorant men in town”. These were the most abusive men around. …

A Veteran’s story

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Photo by Thomas Ashlock on Unsplash

A man shuffles up to the triage window and asks to see a doctor. On the complaint form, he has written his chief complaint as “sleep”! We go through the process and get him to a room.

Once in the room, I ask him again what brings him to the Emergency Room and he confesses to his inability to sleep and a few other complaints.

As he reluctantly continues to answer our questions we ask him if he is homeless. …

Is there really a difference?

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

If I weren’t a nurse who would I be?

I’ll have to look inside and try to see

The qualities that make me care

Were not just grasped out of the air


Feelings of love that I gratefully savor

puts my patients at ease and rarely wavers

Looking inside to see who I’d be

if the nurse I am was just not me!


I’d search the skills that I possess

empathy, caring, teaching, loving, and all of the rest

These skills I have that I always employ

bring my patients comfort and much…

The conundrum of sharing the workplace bathroom and similar spaces

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Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash

Yesterday I took a trip to one of the bathrooms closest to my station and saw a note that made me laugh out loud. I realized I was not the only creature on earth bothered by the ways in which my peers could trash a shared space.

I see used paper towels and other used items on the bathroom floor. I've wondered how and why grown professional adults would make a conscious effort to create a mess in a space shared by others.

Last week I visited the same bathroom…

Being grateful and giving thanks

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Photo by Libby Penner on Unsplash

It’s that time of the year again — time to be thankful!

I wish all of you a safe and blessed Thanksgiving!

This year we remain separated from our loved ones and her friends

Many of our parents and older relatives and friends are spending this day alone and have been living in what seems like perpetual solitary confinement.

I hope this day finds you all well and thankful for the mercies we have been afforded.

Will you be among the first to be inoculated?

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Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash

Are you open to getting the vaccine?

Now that we are getting closer than ever to the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, what are your thoughts?

Tentative plans are to get it out to “ front-liners “, then the elderly and those with pressing co-morbidities. Though many people are a bit leery of being inoculated with the vaccine, many others have stated their willingness to be first-in-line.

Since I recovered from COVID in July, I recently did an antibody test and I still have antibodies. …

My favorite craving

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Photo by Caitlyn de Wild on Unsplash

Roused into drooling by its red hue

Enjoy a view, sliced just for you

Drenched within its frosty coat

Veiled flavors down my throat

Eaten with coffee, milk, or juice

Loved by me, and such a treat!

Velvety smooth, lush, and sweet

Eaten with eyes closed, enjoyed with glee!

Ta ta my sweet, til next we meet.

I was tagged by The Maverick Files about this fun prompt. I have never played around in the genre before. His piece is, go check it out.

But this was so much fun! Cannot wait to read the others.

Pene Hodge

Mom, lover, daughter, nurse, friend. I blog at / — email justpene50@gmail.c

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